Hi everybody,
It was always my intention to write something on the FLNW Unconference as a model for professional development. It would have been nice and tidy to have it complete for inclusion in the just released FLNW book, but it was not to be.
I am going to work on this article over summer and intend to submit it for publication in the Knowledge Tree. Anyone who wants to contribute to it can join in. If others do contribute the final product can be submitted as a jointly authored article. But we gotta keep it to around 3000 words.
This is very much a first draft so structure, headings, and referencing are all still very fluid, but I think there's enough there for others to add to. Please add whatever you see fit, and feel very free to pass comment, criticise, suggest, etc. I am very much aware that I was only there for the first half of the event and my perspective may lack crucial insight gained in the second week so I am very much dependent on the input of others to accurately represent the whole event.
- Michael

Update (11the Jan 07)

Bee, Leigh, and Sparker have all contributed bits and pieces to this article and it's now in readable form. Not final though - we can keep building on it - but it's going in to the ebook as it stands at the moment.

- Michael